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Redefine Physical Security Solutions During Pandemic

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The reactions because of COVID-19 has been strongly met with drastic and necessary measures from leaders across the world. Businesses and industries alike have been issued orders to shut down the work from office, putting safety over status quo operations. On the other hand, industries of essential services such as healthcare, transportation, energy, or banking and [...]

The Impact of Biometric Technology in Banking Sector

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Businesses are largely dependent on technology, so much so that it is difficult to imagine a time when people did everything manually. Technology continues to evolve at this horrendous speed, leaving the security in an appalling state. Therefore, it is essential to streamline processes that improve efficiency. Unquestionably, the operations are equally competent but they tend [...]

Why Access Control Solution is a must For Large Enterprises?

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As technology continues to mushroom by leaps and bounds, security becomes the pinnacle of concern for every business owner. Explicitly, in this era, it is not hard to foresee what damage a single breach can do to your business! What is Access Control? The productivity of any enterprise depends on its effectiveness in having the right [...]

Best Access Control Technologies For Every Enterprise

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Advanced security and authorization are key to ensure the security of any property, resource or data. When applied in the case of physical security it also makes way for additional functions like attendance management, visitor management, etc. Types of physical access control can be categorized based on the policies and procedures that are implemented by facility [...]

Matrix Comsec Launches New Age Door Controllers: COSEC ARGO SERIES

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Why COSEC ARGO Developed? Whether you’re a businessman or an entrepreneur, security and productivity are the top most aspects for any organization. Prevailing to the growing demand and security threats, access control system has always been extremely essential for every organization. To improve workforce productivity and efficiency, almost every organizations are adopting access control and time-attendance [...]

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Case Study: Matrix Enhanced Security for Delhi’s International Card Manufacturer

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Founded in 1971, DZ card is a leading international card manufacturing company operating from seven carefully chosen locations across the world. DZ cards have conducted their business right from printing computer forms to the printing of plastic cards like VISA, Master Cards, ISO Certified Cards, etc. With 46 years of experience in business and more than [...]