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Matrix Comsec Launches New Age Door Controllers: COSEC ARGO SERIES

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Why COSEC ARGO Developed? Whether you’re a businessman or an entrepreneur, security and productivity are the top most aspects for any organization. Prevailing to the growing demand and security threats, access control system has always been extremely essential for every organization. To improve workforce productivity and efficiency, almost every organizations are adopting access control and time-attendance [...]

Case Study: Matrix Enhanced Security for Delhi’s International Card Manufacturer

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Founded in 1971, DZ card is a leading international card manufacturing company operating from seven carefully chosen locations across the world. DZ cards have conducted their business right from printing computer forms to printing of plastic cards like VISA, Master Cards, ISO Certified Cards, etc. With 46 years of experience in business and more than 1,000 [...]

Why Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System is an Important in Government Offices

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The Government of India is promoting Digital India programme to make India digitally empowered in the field of technology. The ‘Digital India’ Programme includes implementation of common Biometric Attendance System (BAS) along with Aadhaar authentication. To keep attendance records of Government employees centrally, attendance.gov.in has been implemented to monitor attendance at a common place. One of [...]

How Biometric Technology Works: 5 Recent Business Trends

By | 2019-03-22T16:36:15+00:00 October 9th, 2018|Categories: biometric attendance system, biometric fingerprint attendance system, fingerprint time attendance|

Biometrics, as we all know is the measurement and statistical analysis of a person’s unique physical attributes like face, fingerprint, palm, iris, etc. Biometrics has found use in mostly identification of individuals and access control. Although experts are working continuously on improving the efficiency of biometric systems, these systems have found applications in various business aspects. [...]

5 Reasons Hotels should Adapt Automated Access Control System

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The hotel business is a highly lucrative but detail oriented industry. People, when out of their homes, look for comforts and services that give them the feeling of being at home away from home. People especially go with such expectations to a hotel. With the rapid advancements in technology, people also expect advanced treatments and services [...]

8 Benefits Why you Should Integrate Time-Attendance with Payroll Software?

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Managing your staff attendance is interdependent on the overall productivity of your organization. Regularity and Punctuality are two vital attributes when talking about workforce attendance. Attendance depends on various parameters like punch-in time, break hours, half day, absenteeism, assigned shifts, overtime, and more. Having no proper record of any such parameter leads to employees being underpaid [...]