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Is there a Need for Access Control Solutions in Pharma beyond Security?

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With new life-saving drugs being created every day, the pharmaceutical industry is directly involved in saving human lives across the world. With how important the work of this sector is, it becomes more important to leverage physical access control for the pharmaceutical sector. This helps to protect intellectual property and physical as well as human assets. [...]

How Bluetooth based Access Control Works and How is it Beneficial?

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  Smartphones have been an essential part of life now for everyone. Mostly each and every person holds one. And mobile phones can be connected to any activity of life through different applications from health to entertainment and big calculations to marketing. Then how can Access Control Solution be different? Using mobile phones in [...]

8 Authentication Methods that Can Secure the Different Industries

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There is a growing demand for different types of user authentication technologies for physical assets, human assets, and intellectual properties. The motivation to authenticate users ranges from access control to attendance tracking of employees, visitor management system, and so on.  Organizations need to understand that PINs or passwords are not the only way to authenticate users. [...]

Advanced Biometrics: Future with Smart Access Control

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Everything has two sides. And when it comes to technology, no difference is there. Innovation in technology can lead us to a better world, however, it also opens the door for fraudulent. Data in any organization plays a prominent role and therefore, it should be secured. For example, if we talk about the pharmaceutical industry, restrictions [...]

Best Access Control Technologies For Every Enterprise

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Advanced security and authorization are key to ensure the security of any property, resource or data. When applied in the case of physical security it also makes way for additional functions like attendance management, visitor management, etc. Types of physical access control can be categorized based on the policies and procedures that are implemented by facility [...]

5 Reasons Hotels should Adapt Automated Access Control System

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The hotel business is a highly lucrative but detail oriented industry. People, when out of their homes, look for comforts and services that give them the feeling of being at home away from home. People especially go with such expectations to a hotel. With the rapid advancements in technology, people also expect advanced treatments and services [...]