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The Evolution of Security Practices in the COVID Era

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A Walkthrough With the work resuming back to normal, businesses and institutions are considering reopening their doors. As we continue to combat the current situation, taking safety precautions to mitigate the lingering threat of COVID-19 is of utmost importance. With the work culture undergoing such a drastic rift, organizations are still struggling to adapt to the [...]

Redefine Physical Security Solutions During Pandemic

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The reactions because of COVID-19 has been strongly met with drastic and necessary measures from leaders across the world. Businesses and industries alike have been issued orders to shut down the work from office, putting safety over status quo operations. On the other hand, industries of essential services such as healthcare, transportation, energy, or banking and [...]

How Face Recognition Systems Can Help Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, some Companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely and to limit in-person interactions, replacing them with video and telephone conferences. On the other hand, there are some companies which can not allow their employees to do work from home as they come under the essential services and products [...]

Why is Contactless Technology the Most Trending Thing Now?

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With the tragic turn of events from the start of this decade, recent reports have suggested that the contactless sensor market has experienced rapid growth. On account of which, new technology is being introduced - every now and then. To meet the current technology pace and to improve customer experience, there is a dire need of [...]

Facts About Palm Vein Recognition System – All You Need to Know

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An Introduction - Trends and Technologies in Biometrics With security playing a pivotal role in any organization, biometric attendance products have effortlessly paved their way to the list of “must-have”.  Start-up companies or large technology firms, leveraging the use of biometrics in their premises is clearly the simplest way to ensure the security or maintain an [...]