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Most small organizations find it difficult to control timings and movement of people. This invariably leads to productivity loss and discipline issues. On the other hand, people need flexibility to move for official and personal reasons. Manual musters are not effective. An automated time clocks for small business needs to be adopted for flexible features of time-attendance.  

Matrix COSEC SAMAY, a professional Time-Attendance solution, is specifically designed for small organizations. COSEC SAMAY manages the diverse requirements of systematic yet flexible timings with user-wise attendance, shifts and leave policies. It's human-like intelligence calculates attendance, leaves and integrates seamlessly with payroll systems. Matrix COSEC SAMAY dramatically improves productivity and discipline of the organization. Moreover, it proves to be an adequate solution for employee time clocks for small businesses by providing different rules for different employees such as Late-In, Early-Out, Over time, Compensatory Off (COFF), and Attendance policies.

Matrix COSEC SAMAY dashboard shows all the vital information along with live events on a single window. This includes live status of users, devices, shifts, up-coming holidays, etc. Furthermore, the dashboard also shows live entry and exit events with user name and photograph. It offers one touch and online integration with Tally.

Any time-attendance solution is as good as the output it generates. To allow easy data handling, Matrix COSEC SAMAY is a clocking attendance system that generates various time-attendance and many other reports directly in the MS Excel files.

Key Features

Mark Attendance Using Multiple Credentials

Mark Attendance Using Multiple Credentials

  • Biometric: Fingerprint
  • RFID Cards: Smart and Proximity
Auto Data Push from Device to Server

Auto Data Push from Device to Server

  • Attendance Data will be Pushed in Real-time
  • Temporary Data will be Stored in Device if Connectivity goes off
Organization Hierarchy

Organization Hierarchy

  • Create Different Departments, Branches, Divisions, Categories, Designations
  • Define Various Levels of Hierarchy
Access Control

Access Control

  • Prevents Unauthorized Entry
  • Time and User based Access Control
Late-In/Early-Out Policy

Late-In/Early-Out Policy

  • Create and Assign it to Employees or Group of Employees
  • Action taken as per Policy Assigned
Manual Attendance Corrections

Manual Attendance Corrections

  • For Exceptional Situations
  • Saves HR Time
Leave Management

Leave Management

  • Leave Types, Leave Apply/Approve
  • Leave Balance, Auto Leave Credit
Reports and Charts

Reports and Charts

  • 50+ Informative Reports and Colorful Charts
  • Direct Reports in Excel
  • Various Filters
Integration with Third Party Software

Integration with Third Party Software

  • Seamless Integration with Tally Software
  • For Faster and Accurate Process




User-Wise Timings User-Wise Attendance,Late-In,Early-Out,COff and Overtime Adapt to the organization’s real needs
Flexible Shifts Multiple Shifts and Shift Patterns Allocate manpower for maximum efficiency
Leaves and Holidays Various Leave Types, Balance Tracking and Encashment Match organization’s exact leaves and holidays
Overtime User-wise Overtime Policy and Automatic Calculation Save time, increase Accuracy and reduce cost
Online Events Recording Auto Push Events to device to Software with User Photo Prevent human-interventions, errors and manipulation
Live Dashboard Live Status of Attendance, Device, Shifts and Holidays in a Single Window Monitor manpower status for better control and faster decisions
Reports and Charts Customized Reports in Excel and Graphical Chartswith Filters Interpret data easily for quick decisions
Payroll Integration Direct Integration with Tally and other Payroll Reduce manual work and eliminate errors or manipulation
Award Winning Design iF and Red Dot International Awards for Product Engineering and Aesthetics Improve aesthetics and ease-of-use
Sturdy Hardware Gold-Flash PCBs, Touch-Sense Keys, Scratch-Proof Plastic and Heavy Duty Components Reliability and long life
Multiple Connectiveness Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband (3G/2G) and Power over Ethenet (PoE) Reduce wiring cost and improve network reliablity


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