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Switch to Contactless Authentication System
Switch to Contactless Authentication System
Are you in search of contactless, fast and convenient authentication technology? Matrix brings Face Recognition technology to address all kinds of organizational requirements.
Matrix Face Recognition solution comes in 3 different deployment modes:
1) COSEC Device based Face Recognition
Integrate with an SATATYA IP Camera and Door Controller
Attendance Marking and Control the Access from as Far as 8 Feet
Ideal for One-to-Many (1:N)
Detection in Less than 1 Sec
Accurate in Low Light and Varying User Height
Mobile based Employee Portal
Ideal for One-to-One (1:1) Authentication
Location Tracking via GPS
3) COSEC Mode
Android Application for Tablet based Face Recognition
Ideal for One-to-Many (1:N) and One-to-One (1:1) Authentication
Face Detection in less than 2 sec
Store upto 1,00,000 Face Template
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