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Field Visit Management

COSEC Field Visit Management

Managing field employees and their tasks have always been a challenge for any organization. The reporting authority at the office has to assign the tasks to their field employees and track their status. Tasks such as cold calls, support calls, meetings, etc. carried on field visits are required to be scheduled and accomplished on time. Furthermore, status of the tasks needs to be updated as well. Any deviation in the accomplishment must be highlighted to the concern person.

COSEC Field Visit Management is a convenient tool to manage field employees from a centralized location. The software provides live tracking of field employee schedules via reports with real-time notifications on exceptions. Admin may set day-to-day work schedules and track the movement of field employees.




Create Employee Task

  • Create Task and Schedule it
  • Details of Tasks with Respective Locations and Time duration

Task Details

  • Task Name specifies Name of the Task
  • Task Description contains Scheduled activities

Shift/Day and Schedule Time

  • User-wise Working Shift
  • Calculate Day-wise Schedule based on Shifts, Number of Employees and Wage Levels

Field Visit Summary

  • Shows Schedules Assigned to Employees
  • Status Summary of Assigned Schedules

Field Visit Correction

  • User can Edit Field Visits
  • User can Authorize Field Visit Correction

Mobile as a Credential

  • Mark Attendance using a Smart Phone

Attendance Policy

  • Policies such as Maximum Number of Punches Allowed, Late-In/Out and Early-In/Out
  • Assign, Check and Reject Shifts and Plan Leaves
  • Attendance Correction and Authorization


  • Notifications to Employees on Various Events
  • Sends Message to Employees for Reminding Shifts

Working Hour Data

  • Workforce Analysis Report
  • Informative Reports by Applying Filters

Payroll Integration

  • Seamless Payroll Integration using Database to Database, API and Export Templates
  • Prevent Errors by Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Generate Reports

  • Reports based on Various Filters
  • Monitor Progress Status of Tasks


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