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Government is always the most trusted and eternal part of a country. In this modern era of digitization, every Government is adapting updated technology to increase its efficiency and productivity. For Government organizations, security of human and physical assets is very important. Access without any identification and verification may cause severe threat. In recent times, Biometric Authentication has become widely trusted and highly reliable for tracing down employee irregularities. Employees remain absent without submitting prior application and approval or take long breaks. Buddy punching has become quite a prevalent practice in the absence of a biometric attendance system. Government agencies represent a challenging arena for physical identity and access management. To make advancements in the streamlining of Government operations, Matrix offers integrated Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions with a wide range of features such as Biometric Attendance Marking and Access Control in secured area that warrant step-up security and enhance productivity.


  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Better Control
  • Improves Employee Morale and Discipline
  • Quick Response to Exceptional Situations
  • Uniform Compliance
  • Easy Interpretation and Decision Making


Improve Productivity with Accurate Attendance Policies

Improve Productivity with Accurate Attendance Policies

Productivity of employees is the most important concern among government organizations as they are answerable to the public. Using Matrix Time-Attendance, the Government can implement strict attendance policies like Late-In, Early-Out and Break In-Out in the organization. Accurate attendance reports and charts help improve productivity and efficiency.

Effective Leave and Holiday Management

Effective Leave and Holiday Management

Matrix web based portal for Attendance and Leave Management helps employees from each location to view and apply for leave from the portal from anywhere, which eliminates the tedious and error prone paper process. Furthermore, it becomes easy for HR to track leaves/tours of employees. For employee and manager, it becomes faster and easier to apply/approve from the web based portal. Matrix COSEC can also create 32 different holiday schedules, which makes it easy for a Government organization to declare region-wise holidays every time.

Restricts Access to Confidential Data Storage

Flexibility and Scalability is the Key

Government always relies on manual data and soft data. Access to areas where such data is stored should be restricted to certain people. With Matrix Access Control, the Government can restrict users with Biometric credentials and other advanced Matrix Access Control features. Government can use features such as Dual Verification for Access, Photo Capture with User Punch and Notifications when any unauthorized person tries to access or if a door is open for long time.

Works even in Remote Sites and Extreme Conditions

Works even in Remote Sites and Extreme Conditions

Government offices are spread out in many parts of the country. It becomes difficult to transfer attendance data of employees working in rural or remote areas to the central server. Matrix COSEC offers wired and wireless devices that work on Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, PoE or Ethernet. This gives complete flexibility to connect remote device with the central server. Moreover, these devices also work in standalone mode and have sufficient storage capacity to store transaction data for a long time, without any connectivity.

Provide Security to Employees with Integrated Solution

Provide Security to Employees with Integrated Solution

With respect to the importance of security in Government organizations, Matrix provides integrated Time-Attendance, Access Control, Vehicle Access Management and Video Surveillance solution. As a result, when a user punches, it captures the user’s photo and if an access rule gets violated the recorder is triggered and starts recording. Matrix Vehicle Access Management solution verifies every vehicle that enters the premises and allows access if the user is authorized, which ensures security within the Government premises.


  • Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
  • Indian Air Force
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
  • Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Defence Research and Development Organization
  • Ministry of Works (Bahrain)


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