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Access Control with Hardware Integration


Matrix COSEC offers flexibility of integration with various third party hardware to provide a complete Access Control solution to the organizations.

Matrix Access Control Solution can be integrated with following hardware systems using relay, aux-in port and aux-out port:

  • Magnetic Door Lock
  • Bolt Lock
  • Turnstile
  • Boom Barrier
  • Tripod
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Video Surveillance
  • IP-PBX System


Integration with Door Locks/Turnstile/Boom Barrier/Tripod





Boom Barrier

Boom Barrier

Bolt Lock

Bolt Lock

Magnetic Lock

Magnetic Lock

Integration with Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier

Integration with Slide doors

Slide doors

Matrix range of Door Controllers can be connected with Third Party magnetic door lock, electronic door lock and turnstile through relay ports in order to enhance security of the organization.

Integration with Video Surveillance

Access Control Integration with IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance camera attached with the recorder or enterprise video management software takes a snapshot of the user when he/she punches on any COSEC Access Control or Time-Attendance device. It takes a snapshot even when user is not authorized or is denied access. Moreover, a detailed report along with the user snapshot is generated as and when required. The feature performs live streaming about what’s happening in the organization and also sends an alert during emergency to the concerned person. Thus, Ethernet (TCP/IP) based COSEC - SATATYA integration makes the security of an organization 100% intact.

Integration with IP-PBX

Access Control Integration with IP-PBX System

Matrix offers seamless integration between COSEC Door Controllers and ETERNITY range of PBX. Using this integration, a user can open the door by dialing a code from his desk phone. It provides unparalleled convenience to the user and an organization can take maximum benefits from both the systems.

Integration with Fire Alarm

Access Control Integration with Fire Alarm System

Matrix COSEC Door Controller can be seamlessly integrated with Fire Alarm Panel by connecting it through auxiliary input port or connecting it to the network through TCP/IP port. When a room catches fire, the door lock opens automatically, as per the programming, for easy and fast evacuation.

Technology Partners

  • ID Cube systems
  • Lenel
  • Magnetic autocontrol
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