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IT Companies and Call Centres


The Call Centre industry is flourishing in this century, with the manpower working 24*7 in different shifts and time schedule. Most of the employees are desk bound and perform their daily work on computers. It is a colossal task for the floor manager to manage time-attendance along with break timings of all the employees. Access restriction to certain areas and real-time monitoring are also essential for higher security and smooth functioning of Call Centres. Matrix COSEC solutions are a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of the Call Centre industry. Matrix supports the Call Centre segment to meet their demand of access control, time-attendance, cafeteria management, roster management, employee self-service and video surveillance. Thus, shift supervisor or floor manager can monitor and record attendance, break timings and leave records of his/her team.


  • Higher Productivity
  • Increases Discipline and Morale
  • Cashless Cafeteria Transactions
  • Easy Interpretation and Decision Making
  • Flexible Attendance Managemen
  • Uniform Compliance
  • Secured Assets and Manpower


Get Error Free Net Working Hours Data

Get Error-free Net Working Hours Data

IT enterprises are generally flexible with working hours. Matrix Time-Attendance allows configuring flexible timing whereby it checks only total working hours during the month, irrespective of the shift timings. At the same time, it also allows creating user-wise timings and overnight shifts for other users.

Enhance Security of Server Room

Enhance Security of Server Room

For IT Companies and Call Centres, server room is their main asset. They store large amount of private data for their customers. Security of this data should not be entrusted to any single individual or single layer security. Matrix, with cutting edge Access Control features will give access only after certain access rules’ verification and send immediate notifications to the admin in case of a security breach. Matrix offers features such as photo capture when user punches, access based on multiple credentials, time based access, allow access with two authorized persons, alarm in case of door is open for long time, etc.

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Attendance and Leave Portal

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Attendance and Leave Portal

Matrix Employee Self Service portal allows each employee to login into the software and check their attendance and leave details. They can directly apply for leave and their reporting officer can approve or reject it from the same portal. This complete solution reduces large amount of employee’s productive time spent after such administrative tasks.

Save HR Time by Automated Attendance Process and Payroll Integration

Save HR Time by Automated Attendance Process and Payroll Integration

Matrix Time-Attendance is a fully integrated solution. Using various integration methods such as Database to Database, Application Programming Interface (API) and offline export, accurate attendance data can be sent to any payroll software such as SAP, ERP, Tally or any Third Party payroll system without manual intervention. This automated process saves lots of time and reduce payroll errors, which leads to timely salary payments to all employees.


  • Real Image Media Technologies (P) Ltd
  • Bharat Matrimony
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
  • You Broadband India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Wipro Ltd.
  • Collabera Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dozco India (P) Ltd.
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