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biometrically secured data centre systems


The success of any data centre depends on how securely it manages sensitive data of multiple clients. Hence, it is very crucial for data centres to prevent any unauthorized access of data centres. Using Matrix Data Centre solution, data racks are secured biometrically, with records of every access along with its duration. Only an authorized person can access specific racks for the stipulated time using biometric verification.


  • Easy Data Rack Management of various Companies in a Single Location
  • Accurate Record of each Entry and Exit in the Data Centre
  • Centralized Biometric Authentication of a User
  • No Manual Security Required
  • Complete Security of Company Data


User-wise Rack Access

User-wise Rack Access

Data Centre security plays an important role in allowing access of data racks at the data centres. To ensure security, Matrix provides user-wise rack access, wherein a user shows biometric credentials to access the data centre. User is allowed to access their respective zones through the biometric authentication. As soon as the user has his or her credentials identified, a selection of accessible racks is displayed on a computer screen. Once the user selects a particular rack, only then the user will be granted access for a defined period.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

Biometrics provides high-end security over RFID and hence integrating biometrics with Access Control solution ensures complete security for data centres. Matrix provides high flexibility in choosing biometric authentication such as fingerprint, RFID card, PIN and palm vein reader.

Integration with Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance

Advanced Access Control Features for Sensitive Areas

Matrix Access Control solution is explicitly built on an open platform that can be easily integrated with any Third Party hardware such as Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance. It becomes critical during an untoward incident like sudden fire, where everyone has to be safely evacuated from the premises. Integration of Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance enables the fire alarm to generate a trigger in case of a mishap. This trigger will immediately open all the doors and start recording the event through the cameras. Additionally, in case of any unauthorized access, having an image can prove helpful for the data centres.

Access Reports

Instant Notifications on Exceptions

The Access Control for data centres provides reports in the form of ‘which’ rack is accessed by ‘whom’, ‘when’ and the time duration. It provides records related to the rack accessibility, time duration, etc. It enhances easy maintenance of the diverse data.

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