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Every business firm, regardless of what it produces or distributes, requires movement of goods from one point to another and therefore, is involved in transportation. To a large extent, this may be attributed to the fact that many experts consider biometric identification solely a niche solution for security areas such as warehouses and storage rooms. Matrix COSEC solution is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of this sector. Matrix offers security solutions for warehousing and transportation. It supports the industry to meet their demand of access control, time-attendance and other solutions.


  • Timely Delivery
  • Easy Vehicle Tracking
  • Efficient Warehouse Management
  • Secured Assets and Individuals
  • Faster Response to Exceptional Situations
  • Centralized Attendance Management of Field Employees


Restrict Access of Users in Sensitive Areas

Restrict Access of Users in Sensitive Areas

There are certain areas/zones like warehouse or secured containers, which require high security. So access has to be restricted. Matrix’s integrated security solutions offer products that can give door access to the right people in the right place by defining various access control policies.

Capture Attendance Data of Staff in Different Shifts

Capture Attendance Data of Staff in Different Shifts

Matrix Time-Attendance solution is capable of calculating employee attendance, leave and overtime. The system can allocate various shifts to staff and maintain records of break and lunch hours of individual employees. Each employee can be given a separate employee self-service portal to view their leave records, holidays or attendance.

Track Location of On-field Drivers

Track location of on-field Drivers

Transportation business has employees (drivers, courier boys) in the field. A specific route can be defined for the driver, where at certain points on that route, their presence will be marked and an alert for the same will be sent. This helps manage time, route and security of your vehicle using just a smartphone.


  • FedEx Ltd.(Bangladesh)
  • TCI Ltd.
  • First Flight Couriers Ltd
  • Professional Courier Services
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